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Udiapur, India | Travel

Our time in India has been incredibly rich. So many wonderful conversations with friends, meeting new ones, experiencing the insanity of the culture and so much more. I have thought several times that you don’t necessarily visit India for a vacation, but rather an experience. And I completely felt this way… until we got to Udaipur. I was so exhausted by some wild travel and in sensory overload from all the craziness around me… that I was ready to hit the beach… but, we had a few more stops to make before we hit the sand. Luckily Udaipur felt like a dream. Not only did we get to meet up with one of our friends from Chicago, which was so refreshing… Paul felt refreshed too as he got rid of me and had some time to himself for a day… The city center of Udaipur felt like a quaint European dream, especially because it was on a gorgeous lake. The architecture was beautiful, we enjoyed a long amazing bike ride around the city and of course some good coffee and amazing Indian food. Udiapur, you were my favorite.

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