We got back from traveling around the world in May and just decided to keep going… well, kindof.  Because of random circumstances we ended up spending time in Nebraska and Montana with family… and threw in an epic road trip on top of it all.  We banked in about 5000 miles onto our adventures for […]

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Our time in India has been incredibly rich. So many wonderful conversations with friends, meeting new ones, experiencing the insanity of the culture and so much more. I have thought several times that you don’t necessarily visit India for a vacation, but rather an experience. And I completely felt this way… until we got to […]

Udiapur, India | Travel

We have talked about taking this trip for ten years. Therefore, it made complete sense to book and decide to finally leave about five weeks before our plane left Chicago. It is quite us. Kind of like dating for four years and then planning a wedding and getting married in three months…. But, that story […]

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