Lincoln Park Family Photography reviews | Chicago



alisha & dean

There are so many amazing things I could say about working with Darcy. The overriding themes are her patience, genuine personality, and of course her talent. From helping me to choose our outfits, the weather being a deterrent, and working with my 2 year old son (who hates being photographed), she remained patient throughout it all. She took the time to help me decide what to wear, where to do the shoot, and spent time getting to know my son before starting. These things made such a huge difference to us, my son, and the quality of our pictures. Darcy was able to get so many shots of him smiling, which hasn't been done before or since! The quality of her amazing work speaks for itself, it's the small things she does behind the camera that make a huge impact. Never before have we had such a fun family photo session, and it is all because of who Darcy is as a person. She genuinely cares, and it is reflected in her work! I am so happy I found Darcy to work with, and we can't wait for our next photo session!