These are a collection of images from the past year.  I laughed with all of these sweet people, sometimes we cried, they shared their stories, their lives, their darling children, their wedding days, their perfect and imperfect memories.   I had the privilege of documenting celebrations of life and death, tearful, yet joyful beginnings and moments. […]

2016 | Year in Review

When your friends have babies it is such an incredible time of celebration and anticipation. Especially when babies #2, #3 and so on come along…because you know the love you feel for these sweet little people and the magic that comes with watching your friends love them. I’m so glad to have these images of […]

Nebraska Maternity Shoot | Francis Family

My dear, dear, dear friend’s mother was married on a gorgeous fall day in Nebraska a few weeks ago.  What a joy it was to celebrate with them.  When you walk through life with people, the good, the beautiful, the bad, the hard, the surprising, the wonderful… and then get to experience such rich, wonderful […]

Nebraska Wedding Photographer | It’s never to late for love…

Meet my cousin Staci and her adorable family.  I photographed them when I was back on the farm a few weeks ago and so glad I was able to spend time with them.  I love capturing how much their guys have grown and this gorgeous light just was the icing on the cake. There is […]

Nebraska Family Photographer | Brothers… a bond that runs deep…

For me, there is something really special about photographing my dearest friends and family. The people that have walked through so many stages of life with me. Personal struggles and greatest joys. Professional struggles of different jobs and anxieities. From practicing newborn photos on their first born son when clearly I didn’t know what I […]

Nebraska Family Photographer | Middle of Nowhere